At the London Podcast Festival 2017

I had a great time at the London Podcast Festival this weekend. My SRSLY co-host Anna and I did a live episode about Your Problematic Faves:

In the green room, I also got to catch up with lots of excellent podcast people that I hadn’t seen for ages. Then later on in the afternoon, I ran a sold out workshop:

Several people asked me at the time if I could let them have the slides for it, and a few have since emailed with the same inquiry. I haven’t quite worked out how to do this, though, as the file size is too big either to upload here or to do as an attachment, so I thought I’d put a few relevant links I mentioned for now. If you would like a full copy once I work out how to do that, drop me an email.

Examples of good profiles I like: The High Low on Twitter, The Allusionist on Facebook, She’s In Russia on Instagram.

Social media image size guide.

Audiogram: on GitHub, WNYC’s notes on Medium, the online installer.

I that’s all the key ones. Do get in touch if you have further questions or thoughts.

Update: Steve Austins of Bengo Media wrote up a few thoughts from my talk as #13 of this 22 point list.

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