I’m not being snooty, I honestly do get asked these questions a lot, so I thought I’d put answers here in case it saves anyone any time before they contact me.

Will you listen to my podcast and review it in X publication?

Maybe, maybe not. Send it to me, but don’t have high expectations — I get sent lots every week and only review a very small number of them.

Will you follow me on Twitter so I can DM you?

No. Send me an email.

Can I sponsor your newsletter?

Perhaps — depends what your product is and who it is for. Let’s talk about it over email.

Why is your newsletter called “No Complaints”?

Because I like this poem by Dorothy Parker and because it makes for a handy sort of mission statement when you’re making something total strangers can see.

Aha, but I have a complaint – can I send it to you?

It may surprise you to hear this, but you’re not the first to make that joke. Try harder.

If you have something positive or useful to share, though, like this excellent gif of a man being punched in the face, here’s how you send it to me.

What is the “compulsory medieval thingamabob” and why do you include one at the end of your newsletter every week?

Because it’s compulsory and because I find them amusing.