I have a wide and varied experience in the media. Here are some of the things that I’ve been/am:

  • a political correspondent for a print magazine
  • a print section editor of a century-old weekly periodical
  • the editor of a large magazine website, where I project managed a major site relaunch
  • the social media editor for a UK title
  • a podcast host, editor and strategist
  • a freelance writer and reviewer
  • the creator of a weekly email newsletter with thousands of subscribers
  • a copywriter for brands interested in reaching a political audience
  • a freelance designer of personal websites, like this one
  • a script writer and editor for radio and podcast documentaries
  • an author who sold her first book in a four-way auction

From time to time, people hire me to lend my expertise to their project, whether it’s a branded podcast or the launch of a new magazine. I also do personal consultations, where I talk people through launching their own email newsletter, getting media coverage for their podcast, or promiting their show on social media.

If you’d like to work together on something, get in touch: carolinecrampton [at]