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what I know about getting books published

This is a post from my newsletter, No Complaints. Sign up to get it in your inbox here. I got to feel the most like an author I ever feel this week, when I went to London for a meeting with my UK publishers and agents to begin the publicity process for A Body Made of… Continue reading

this is me trying

This is a post from my newsletter, No Complaints. Sign up to get it in your inbox here. There is a story about Oscar Wilde that I was told in my first week as an undergraduate that I am thinking about a lot at the moment. While he was a student at Oxford, Wilde became well… Continue reading

new review published

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new profile published

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new interview published

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new newsletter published

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new podcast published

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new article published

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rummaging through all the paper

I feel like I have been taking notes on what I read since I was about 14, and that for all of that time I have been doing so very badly. For me, there has always been two reasons to take a note. Firstly, to pick one idea out of the many on the page… Continue reading

I feel a warm little glow of satisfaction

I read that piece in the Observer last weekend about how fear of a miserable, long, dark winter is mostly in the mind — I’m paraphrasing, but that was roughly it — so of course I have started watching Borgen again from the beginning. I saw this Danish political drama when it first started airing on the… Continue reading