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A Body Made of Glass Podcast

The A Body Made of Glass podcast is an audio companion to my book, A Body Made of Glass: A History of Hypochondria. Each of the ten episodes is an interview with a different person speaking to a different facet of this complex and multi-dimensional condition, touching on themes from medical bias to faith to infertility and… Continue reading

Kirkus and Publishers Weekly Reviews for A Body Made of Glass

Two big pre-publication reviews have been published for A Body Made of Glass in the US. Kirkus called it “poetic and personal”, while Publishers Weekly wrote that: “In this riveting, genre-bending memoir, journalist Crampton (The Way to the Sea) traces the cultural and historical lineage of hypochondria. . . . [A] stimulating and rigorous take… Continue reading

A Body Made of Glass picked by the Guardian for 2024

Absolutely thrilled to see my new book A Body Made of Glass on the Guardian’s list of the books to look out for in 2024. Here’s what they had to say: “Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 17, Crampton spent much of her adult life anticipating its return. She weaves that experience into… Continue reading

Becoming a Composer by Errollyn Wallen — review for the Guardian

I reviewed Errollyn Wallen’s memoir Becoming a Composer and my piece was “book of the day” in the Saturday Guardian. It’s an unconventional book, made up of fragments of poetry, lyrics, diary entries, third-person accounts and more, but I enjoyed it. It’s especially good on both the barriers Wallen has faced within classical music —… Continue reading

“Hungry for more” — television column for the New Humanist

For my quarterly column in the New Humanist, I’ve written about all the food-based shows on television at the moment — from Lessons in Chemistry to The Bear, via Masterchef, Boiling Point, Bake Off and more. The piece is available to read on the New Humanist website here. Continue reading

Interview on the Tea & Murder podcast

I was interviewed by Rebecca Thandi Norman about one of my favourite Agatha Christie novels, Murder in Mesopotamia, for the wonderful Tea and Murder podcast. We talked about Christie’s first-hand knowledge of archaeological digs, the colonial dimensions of the novel, and why this story contains the murder mystery death that has stayed with me ever… Continue reading

what I know about getting books published

This is a post from my newsletter, No Complaints. Sign up to get it in your inbox here. I got to feel the most like an author I ever feel this week, when I went to London for a meeting with my UK publishers and agents to begin the publicity process for A Body Made of… Continue reading

this is me trying

This is a post from my newsletter, No Complaints. Sign up to get it in your inbox here. There is a story about Oscar Wilde that I was told in my first week as an undergraduate that I am thinking about a lot at the moment. While he was a student at Oxford, Wilde became well… Continue reading

rummaging through all the paper

I feel like I have been taking notes on what I read since I was about 14, and that for all of that time I have been doing so very badly. For me, there has always been two reasons to take a note. Firstly, to pick one idea out of the many on the page… Continue reading

I feel a warm little glow of satisfaction

I read that piece in the Observer last weekend about how fear of a miserable, long, dark winter is mostly in the mind — I’m paraphrasing, but that was roughly it — so of course I have started watching Borgen again from the beginning. I saw this Danish political drama when it first started airing on the… Continue reading