I’m a writer and a podcaster. I write non-fiction books about the world and how we live in it — The Way to the Sea and the forthcoming A History of Hypochondria. I make a podcast about detective fiction called Shedunnit, I curate articles and podcasts for The Browser and The Listener, and I write reviews and essays for publications like GrantaThe New Humanist, The Guardian and The Spectator. Find recent interviews with me here. The best way to stay in touch with me and my work is to subscribe to my newsletter, No Complaints.

If you’d like to talk about working together, get in touch — my contact details are here. I do read all the messages I get, but sometimes I can’t get back to everybody. My agent in the UK is Sophie Lambert at C&W and my agent in the US is Amelia Atlas at ICM Partners.

I also write features, reviews and columns for a wide variety of publications including The Guardian, the The Mail on Sunday, The New Humanist and more. See a selection of my favourite pieces below.