There are four different kinds of podcast work I do: hosting, editing, scripting and strategising.

With my colleague Anna Leszkiewicz, I host SRSLY, the New Statesman’s pop culture podcast. We take pop culture seriously, every Tuesday, covering books, films, TV, music both high and low brow. We launched in summer 2015 and have now done over a hundred episodes which have been downloaded thousands of times. We were shortlisted for “Best Review Show” at the 2017 British Podcast Awards.

I also run the New Statesman’s entire podcast operation, editing four weekly shows including the New Statesman Podcast with Helen Lewis and Stephen Bush, and launching others. I liaise with advertisers, guests and podcast apps to boost the magazine’s audio output. I also do similar work for other places: recent clients include the political group Progress and the journalist Laurie Penny.

I have also scripted radio documentaries for KMFM and consulted on scripts for branded podcasts. A recent collaboration in this area involved the healthcare communications agency Havas Lynx, which was seeking editorial support for a podcast series on the role of carers in society. I edited scripts, provided feedback on early cuts of episodes, and gave guidance about launch and marketing strategies.

In addition, I take on work helping independent podcasters to launch their shows successfully, grow their audience, secure media coverage and improve their social media promotion with better content. Most recently, I’ve put together a marketing package for the Jules & James podcast, which involved a personalised press release list of industry contacts.

If you’d like to work together on a podcast, get in touch via email on carolinecrampton [at] gmail.com.